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Jacoby cue

Jacoby cues are some of the best cues on the market, with their hybrid 64pc shaft tech is absolutely amazing and gives grace and precision to your game.
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Lucasi Custom Features Fine Craftsmanship, Distinctive Inlays and Impressive Performance Lucasi Custom Cues bring you beauty and distinction by combining fine craftsmanship and quality touches with the high performance features you need to take your game to a whole NEW! level. It is our goal to make cues that will not only look beautiful, but will keep playing faithfully for years to come. We at Lucasi think quality cue construction starts with quality wood selection. That’s why we only use hand-selected premium grade North American Hard Rock Maple for our cue shafts and do not bleach the wood. We want your cue to maintain its beauty and durability for years to come – bleaching may make the shaft appear higher quality, but it damages the wood, making it less durable and more susceptible to warpage, yellowing and breakage. Lucasi Quality Starts With Wood Selection The wood used to make each Lucasi Custom Cue is aged and dried for 18 to 24 months in specially-designed moisture-controlled rooms. While drying, each cue blank is turned and rested more than 11 times to ensure the proper amount of moisture. The wood is then treated with a patented wood stabilizer to protect the cue from additional moisture and help prevent warping for the cue’s lifetime. Real Inlays for A Distinctive Custom Cue Look Lucasi Custom Cue inlays are cut using a CNC machine that utilizes lasers to make intricate, precision cuts with zero gaps – resulting in stunning inlays that add a mark of distinction to your cue. Inlay materials include up to three separate cuts of exotic woods, including: Ebony, Cocobola, Bocote, Rosewood, Curly and Birds-eye Maple, Snakewood, Kingwood and Sonokeling; as well as a variety of metal, imitation stone and shell materials.

Lucasi LHC97

Lucasi Hybrid Traditional Natural Super Birds-eye Maple with blue crushed velvet inlays, Classic G5 Grip and stainless steel Uni-Loc® joint.

Lucasi LZC45

Natural Curly Maple forearm and butt with floating split black & exotic Bocote points with metal diamond inlays, sleek wrapless handle, Uni-loc® joint, nickel silver/Curly Maple/Bocote rings and Bocote butt cap. This model now comes with an added game-changer, the Lucasi Custom Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft. This new 12.75mm shaft takes low deflection technology enhancement (our wildly popular Zero Flexpoint ferrule) and a new taper designed by two-time World Champion Thorsten Hohmann; and mixes it with old-school solid Maple construction and the premium Everest tip you love, for a shaft that plays like new but feels like an old friend. The Lucasi Custom Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft now comes standard on all Lucasi Custom models and is designed to give your game an extra kick by making every shot more accurate and true-to-path. You'll sink balls more easily, and your game will reap the benefits.
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